Renton Honda WA, liar with discrimination of Ethnicity

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I Observed Honda tactics to client, What they do is sell you a new car when problem exist and you ask for warranty they will say you need to go to their store, so they can check it after they checked the car they ask for your car documents and car key they will admit there's a problem and then say I will replaced your car with a new one but you need to add additional deposit.Be aware it's not true they will make it trade-in not replaced and all your deposit will be gone.

They will make you wait for about 5 ½ hrs. That you can't leave and eat coz you don't have a key then when they observed your tired that's the time they will required you to sign documents without reading they will say "this documents basically means… just sign on the part I circle… then you need to sign after you sign.

Your result is trade –in you cannot back out even contract is not yet process.They will say it's already signed when you file complaint to manager even manager will deny that you go to store for warranty and will say I thought you came here to trade your car and they will deny there's a problem in your car you will leave the store upset while looking on their face they will look back with you with a big smile because you can do anything.

Review about: Auto Service.



Update on my case, I file a claims on District Court /Peoples Court and having considered all the evidence presented the judgment reward was given to me.On District court lawyers are not allowed unless special situation.

No one can defend you except for yourself. If you’re not telling the truth the Judge has a very good judgment to figure it out. I know my case is not yet finish the other party might file for an appeal but remember God is justice as so as long I believe God in my mind and in my heart justice will follow. I’m not just for fighting money but for dignity that I’m not a LIAR.

I hope readers will learn something on what happen to me about this car deal.I know not all car dealer are the same so please choose the best dealer that will not lie.

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